Midwest Doubles


The top-finishers out of the 48 players and the division brackets follow.

Team pictures—The first player listed is the player on the left.


Champs: Chad Krager (Bay City, MI) & Mike Madis (South Lyon, MI) 21-7 21-3

Second: Ron Malecki (Midland, MI) & Sandy DeGreif (Bay City, MI)

A DIVISION (Drop Down from Open)

Champs: Ron Harris (Ypsilanti, MI) & Jim Swendris (Ann Arbor, MI) 21-14 21-9

Second: Kelvin Hatcher (Hazel Park, MI) & Joe Lowell (Detroit Area, MI)


Champs: Paul Carr (Lansing, MI) & Lance Krager (Bay City, MI) 21-13 21-16

Second:  Bob St.Clair (Livonia, MI) & Andy Pappas (Detroit, MI)

C DIVISION (Drop Down from B)

Champs: Eric Boks (Saginaw, MI) & Karl Briggs (Saginaw, MI) 21-19 21-3

Second: Samuel Alvarez (Lansing, MI) & Bruce Diven (Monroe, MI)

VINTAGE DIVISION (Rotational Doubles, 105 points possible)

Champ: Mark Gruber (Monroe, MI) 105 points 

Second: Fin Henk (Taylor, MI) 96 points

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