Hall Of Fame

NPA Hall of Fame

At the 2013 National Doubles Championships in Riverside, California, the National Paddleball Association launched a Hall of Fame.  Todd Entrikin, vice president, and Lorri Brigham, vice president/treasurer, had proposed the idea a few weeks earlier at the National Singles Championships in Lombard, Illinois.

The board promptly passed Entrikin and Brigham’s proposal and concurrently put forth nominations for the 1st set of inductees.

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2013 Inductees

Andy MItchell & Andy Kasalo

2014 Inductees

Charlie Brumfield

Steve Keeley

Mike Wisniewski

Lou Giampetroni

2015 Inductees

Caprice Behner

Carla Teare

Judy Shirley

2016 Inductees

Kelly Gelhaus

Jim Owens

Steve Trent

2017 Inductee

Don Traxler

Grace Harrison

Dan McLauglin