Wack Attack

Format (King of the Court up to the final 4)

  • Started with 32 players divided into groups of 4.
  • Rotated partners within each group for 3 games to 15.
    • First round: the two highest point getters advanced to the A Division, the two lowest to the B Division.
    • Second and third rounds: the two highest advanced.
  • The final 4 were put into 2 teams and played a game to 21

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A Division

Final Four: Ron Malecki (Midland, MI), Paul McBride (Essexville, MI)

Joe Baldori (East Lansing, MI), Greg Keenan (Bay City, MI)

Champions: Joe Baldori and Greg Keenan

B Division

Final Four: Karl Briggs (Saginaw, MI), Mitch Larsen (Saginaw, MI)

Scott Rettelle (Midland, MI), Doug McIntyre (Birch Run, MI)

Champions: Scott Rettelle and Mitch Larsen

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