European 4 Wall Championships



Results of the 2017 4-Wall Paddleball European Championships organized by the Galician Association of Paddleball and Racquetball in collaboration with the Casino Mercantil e Industrial (Pontevedra):

The 2017 4-Wall Paddleball European Champions have been:

Men’s singles: Jaime B. Blanco Dios beat to Jorge Diaz by 2 sets to 0 (21-17, 21-15).

Men’s doubles: Jaime B. Blanco Dios and Jorge Diaz defeated to Ignacio González and Juan García by 2 sets to 0 (21-10, 21-11).

The same result occurred in the finals of boys:

Boys singles: Mario E. Blanco beat to Laura Bravo by 2 sets to 0 (21-12, 21-18).

Boys doubles: Mario E. Blanco and Laura Bravo defeated to Sonia García and Raquel González by 2 sets to 0 (21-8, 21-7).

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