41st Pig Roast August 26, 2017

August 26, 2017  Kalamazoo, Michigan  Tournament Results, Pig Roast Honoree, Woody Award Winner, and pictures


The Tournament

Andy Mitchell and Bobby Lapekas defeated Ron Harris and Matt Kollig in the final, 21-17.  Mitchell, Lapekas, and Kollig are from the hosting Kalamazoo, Michigan area.  Ron Harris resides in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

There were 20 players placed into 10 teams by grab-bag selection.

The Roast

Eugene Rush of Ypsilanti, Michigan was the honoree (Human Sacrifice). He and his eldest son Joshua successfully digested the eyes of the pig, an annual tradition for the honoree.  Joshua, in support of his father, volunteered to partake, making it the first father-son team in Pig Roast history.

A surprised Rochelle Balkam of Ann Arbor, Michigan was awarded the Woody, an annual award given to a person who supports paddleball and demonstrates a love for the game.

Pictures follow:

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